Snacks should be a part of the bedtime routine of your child.

However, you must carefully select the best foods to give to your child as a part of the bedtime routine. Otherwise, there is a risk for the child to encounter numerous health issues.

Here is a list of healthy foods that you can give to your child before he gets to sleep at night.


Instead of giving honey as a standalone snack, you can think about giving it to the child before bedtime along with another snack.

Then you will be able to provide a delicious treat that can deliver health benefits to the child.

In honey, it is possible to find all-natural sugar. As a result, you will be able to help the child to increase the production of melatonin and serotonin. They can contribute a lot to healthy sleep.


Fruits are a perfect snack that you can give to your child before bedtime.

However, you must select the best fruits and provide them to the child. Then you will be able to deliver a sleepy boost to the child and support development.

Bananas and apples are perfect fruits that you can give to a child before bedtime. That’s because these fruits offer potassium and magnesium. They can also provide muscle relaxation.

Bananas can also contribute a lot to the production of melatonin and serotonin within the brain of your child.

Nut butters

There are numerous all-natural nut butters that you can buy and give to your child. They are in a position to work as a source of healthy protein and benefit the good health of the child.

All the nuts are in a position to deliver a good volume of tryptophan. However, some of the nuts can deliver additional benefits to the child.

For example, if you can provide walnuts to the child, you will be able to boost the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.

On the other hand, almonds can deliver muscle relaxation, which will help your child to get a restful sleep at night.

Whole grains

Whole grains are offering complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are in a position to process slowly when compared to regular carbohydrates.

Therefore, you will be able to reduce the sharp dips and increases in blood sugar levels that your child will have to experience.

Therefore, you can ensure that your child doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night.

Dairy products

Dairy products such as cheeses, milk, and yogurt are ideal to be provided to your child before bedtime as well.

These dairy products are offering a great amount of calcium. Along with that, your child will be able to get tryptophan, which is an essential amino acid needed to secure a great sleep at night.

Tryptophan is not directly capable of inducing sleep. However, it is in a position to increase the secretion of the neurotransmitter named serotonin.

This will promote feelings of sleep and calmness. On the other hand, you will also be able to help the child to ensure the secretion of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.

People are used to drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed because of the ability to experience these benefits. While keeping these facts in mind, you can allow your child to drink milk as well.


Oats are not just capable of contributing to the good heart health of your child. They are also in a position to help the child to produce more melatonin.

Since melatonin is produced naturally, the child will not have to experience any adverse effects. Instead, the child just needs to go ahead with experiencing the amazing benefits that come along with it.

It can deliver a good sleep at night while regulating sleep patterns. Due to the same reason, it is even possible for you to replace rice that you provide to the child along with oats.

You can also prepare food with oats with the use of spices.  

Final words

As you can see, your child would love to enjoy most of these foods.

It is up to you to buy these foods and take a look at the recipes that you can prepare with them. Then you can offer the foods to your child and help him to get quality sleep at night.