Some of the foods that you give to the child can contribute to his overall health and wellbeing. However, there are certain foods that can make the child sick.

As a parent, you need to have a strong understanding of such foods that you shouldn’t give to your child at any given time.

Here is a list of few such foods that have the potential to make your child sick. Always refrain from giving these foods to your child.

Raw milk

We often see how parents get raw milk for their kids. However, raw milk is not a healthy beverage that you can give.

It is true that milk can contribute a lot to the overall development of your child. However, you should refrain from giving raw milk. That’s because raw milk contains parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

This can make your child get numerous health issues. Hence, you should always purchase pasteurized milk, which you can purchase from a local supermarket.


Pizza is one of the most popular fast foods that we can see out there. However, it is a good idea not to provide pizza to your child.

All the toppings that come along with pizza contain extra fat as well as salt. Even the chesses added to pizza are not good for the children.

According to recent studies, it has been identified that pizza is one of the biggest reasons behind childhood diabetes. It can even lead your child to childhood diabetes.

Due to all these reasons, refrain from giving pizza to your child.

Fruit gummies

Your child would love to enjoy fruit gummies. However, giving fruit gummies to the child is something similar to feeding your child with raw sugar.

You know what would happen when you keep on providing raw sugar to the child. You will not be able to deliver any health benefits to the child with fruit gummies.

Therefore, it is better if you can refrain from giving fruit gummies.  This will not be a major concern because you can find some great alternatives to fruit gummies. Real fruits are a perfect alternative for them.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is not good for the children. This is mainly because chewing gum delivers a high volume of sugar.

This can create a negative impact on the teeth of your children. In other words, kids who continue to eat chewing gum will end up getting cavities.

Even sugar-free chewing gum is not recommended. That’s because they contain sorbitol as an active ingredient, which can lead your child to diarrhea.

You must also understand that there is a risk for your child to accidentally swallow chewing gum as well.

Processed meat

Processed meat is present in a variety of foods that you provide to your child. Hot dogs are a perfect example of such foods.

We encourage all the parents to refrain from providing processed meat to the kids as well. If your child continues to eat just 50g of processed meat daily, it will increase the risk of getting colorectal cancer by around 18 %.

Instead of providing processed meat, you can simply provide fish-based products. They are a healthy choice.

Rice bars

We often see how lots of children eat rice bars. As a parent, you should refrain from getting rice bars for your child as well.

That’s because rice bars are in a position to lead your child towards getting inorganic arsenic. This is a poisonous substance.

Even though this ingredient is available in small amounts, it can be dangerous for your child. Consumption of rice bars is in a position to lead your child towards issues with learning.

On the other hand, it can create a negative impact on the overall development of the child as well. Instead of providing rice bars, you can provide healthy oat bars to the child.

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is quite popular among kids as well. it is one of the most popular snacks among kids.

However, microwave popcorn bags are made of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are never good for your child.

The chemicals combine with food when the popcorn bags are heated inside the microwave oven. Therefore, microwave popcorn can lead your child to cancer.

It can also create a negative impact on the overall development of the child.

Final words

Always refrain from giving these foods to your child. You will then be able to help your child to ensure good health.

Since there are numerous alternatives available for these foods, you will not have to worry too much before you stop giving these.