As a parent, you will always wish to see your child growing up healthily. In other words, you like to see your child growing tall and staying strong. This will depend on the foods that you are providing to the child.

Some of the foods you give to the child will assist him to increase height. Here are few such amazing foods that you can think about providing to your child.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens are a perfect source of calcium. If your child is not consuming milk because of dietary choices or lactose intolerance, you should give lots of leafy greens. That’s because leafy greens provide all the nutrients that your child would need to boost height.

When you take a look at the nutrient profile behind leafy greens, you will figure out that it is a perfect source of Vitamin K, which is important for the good health of bones.

Therefore, you will be able to support the height gain of the child. There is no need to think twice before you provide leafy greens to the child every single day.


Legumes such as red kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, and lentils are perfect sources of protein.

Moreover, they come with a low content of fat. Hence, you can give them to your child as healthy food and support the height gain.

Legumes also offer a decent amount of dietary fiber and calcium. These are essential for the child who is growing up. You can also think about adding legumes to the daily diet of the child.

Lean meat

Skinless chicken and fish are the best sources of lean meat that you can provide to the child. These are high in protein. On the other hand, they deliver lower amounts of saturated fat.

However, you can also take a look at the other sources of lean meat that you can provide to the child, such as turkey. They can help your child to gain weight easily.

Red meat

Similar to lean meat, you should also provide red meat to the child as they can deliver lots of protein. Apart from protein, they offer numerous micronutrients, which can increase height.

Iron is a perfect example of such a micronutrient that your child can get. When your child is getting iron, he will be able to stay away from the chances of getting anemia.

Anemia is a health condition that can lead your child to get a weak body. It can inhibit the growth of your child as well. Hence, it is a good idea to include more red meat in the diet.


Soybean is one of the best sources of natural protein. Hence, you can give soybean and products that are made out of soybean to your child as well.

Some of the best products available for you to give to the child include tofu, soy chunks, soy flour, and soy milk.

One of the best things about soybean is that it offers protein equivalent to the protein offered out of animal meat. On the other hand, soybean is a perfect source of calcium.

Therefore, you will be able to support your child to gain height effectively, even if he/she is following a vegetarian dietary preference.


By giving milk to the child, you will be able to deliver great support to the child with gaining height. That’s because milk offers protein along with numerous other healthy vitamins, including Vitamin D.

Moreover, you can provide magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium to the child with milk as well. Therefore, milk has the ability to contribute to proper bone development.

Whole milk offers lots of more nutrients when compared to the other skimmed versions. Hence, you should stick to whole milk at all times.


In an average-sized egg, it is possible to find around 6.5 grams of protein. Moreover, eggs offer amino acids that are responsible for the development of kids.

Therefore, you should provide eggs to your child regularly and support healthy development. Vitamins that are available in eggs such as Vitamin D will also be able to deliver amazing returns to the height gain that your child can experience.

Final words

Make sure that you give these foods to the child regularly. Then you can strengthen the body of the child and make sure that he is gaining height healthily, without encountering any problem.