If you are reading this, you must be trying to understand why your child is getting so many cavities on his mouth.

Due to the formation of cavities, you will see your child going through lots of pain. On the other hand, you will also have to visit the dentist along with your child regularly.

This is where you will come across the need to understand why your child is getting so many cavities so that you will be able to support the proper dental health of your child.

Reasons behind cavities in the mouth of your child

There is a germ responsible for tooth decay. This germ is called mutants streptococcus.

In here, bacteria that rely upon sugar will give out an acid. This acid is never good for the good health of teeth, which are made out of calcium.

In fact, the acid can cause depletion of teeth. This is the main reason why most of the kids end up getting cavities.

Bacteria is responsible for the development of plaque inside the mouth as well. Plaque is nothing but a white-colored film, which is developing on top of teeth.

This contains a massive amount of acid, which has the potential to corrode enamel that protects teeth. When the calcium area is large enough, the surface area of a tooth would collapse. This would eventually create cavities.

Harmful bacteria that are responsible for cavity creation are present among kids who are aged over 2 years. When the mouth of your child is colonized along with all these mutants, you will have to see him getting cavities.

There are some symptoms, which you can use to figure out whether your child is affected with any cavities on his mouth or not. For example, if your child is facing difficulties when trying to consume food, you need to understand that he is dealing with the presence of cavities inside his mouth.

Meeting a dentist

When you notice your child suffering from cavities in the mouth, you will need to go ahead and meet a dentist.

Even if you don’t see any symptoms of cavities as stated above, it is recommended to meet a dentist. That’s because the dentist will be able to help you with reducing the chances of getting such cavities in the mouth of your child.

According to a recent study, it has been identified that around 28% of the kids who are aged between 2 years to 5 years are having cavities in the mouth.

You will be able to prevent this from happening in the mouth of your child by meeting a dentist. The dentist will provide a proper plan to follow, which would ensure the good health of your child’s mouth.

Even if the child is affected by cavities, you can expect the dentist to provide appropriate treatments, which would eventually remove all bacteria and prevent the occurrence of cavities.


It is a must to treat cavities like this and provide excellent protection to baby teeth. It is true that baby teeth will fall after several years and create space for the development of permanent teeth.

However, you should understand those baby teeth are in a position to create the placeholders in the mouth of your child for the formation of permanent teeth.

Therefore, you should help the child to stay away from getting cavities, which can give life to alignment issues. Otherwise, your child will have to wear braces later in his life to correct these alignment issues. If you have any doubts, you can ask them from the dentist and get them clarified.