Children have weak immune systems. Therefore, it is natural for your child to get health issues from time to time.

When you take a look at the most common health issues that your child is getting, you will figure out that stomach aches hold a prominent place.

Even though stomach aches are common among kids, you shouldn’t completely ignore them. That’s because the stomach ache can lead your child to a serious health issue.

Keep the following symptoms in mind and check whether your child is getting any of them. If so, you need to understand that your child is at a risk. Hence, you will need to take your child to a doctor immediately.

  • When your child is going through a severe stomach ache

If your child is going through a severe stomach ache, you are never encouraged to ignore it. If the pain is severe, you might notice your child crying in pain.

As soon as you see this, you will need to take the child to a doctor. Then you will be able to provide immediate medical attention needed.

  • When you see blood in the stool

Kids who struggle with constipation often see blood in their stool. But when a stomach ache is linked with blood in the stool, you need to figure out that your child is dealing with something serious.

It can be an inflammatory bowel disease, serious infection, or any other health issue with the intestines. Hence, you should contact a doctor and make sure everything is fine.

  • When your child is vomiting blood

If you see that your child is vomiting blood, you need to understand that he is dealing with a serious health issue. Kids who have been vomiting a lot will end up with blood in vomit.

It can also happen when your child is having a lost tooth or nose bleeding. But if the problem is associated with stomach pain, you should rush for medical assistance.

  • When you see your kid looking pale

In some of the instances, you will be able to see your kid having stomach pain along with a pale appearance. This can also happen due to a serious health condition.

In most instances, this happens due to allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are never good to be tolerated and you will need to contact a doctor immediately. In fact, you should rush to the hospital.

You can call an ambulance and wait until help arrives. In the meantime, you can give some epinephrine to your kid.

  • When the child is having stomach pain in the right lower side

The appendix is located on the right lower side of the stomach. You can ask the child about the specific location of the pain.

If your child says that he is facing pain in the right lower side, you will need to take him to a doctor as well. Then you can get the examinations done and figure out what the problem is.

  • When your child is facing difficulties to urinate

Urine infections can also create stomach pain. If your child is facing difficulties urinating, you will need to figure out what the reason is. A doctor will be able to help your child with it.

Now you are aware of the most common reasons behind stomach aches that your child can get. Keep these reasons in mind and provide medical attention to the kid, instead of waiting until things get worse.