10 Hidden signs your body is crying for help

When you stop and think about it, it’s incredible what our bodies can accomplish on their own.

Metabolism, temperature control, healing, and organ function are all automated, with no need for any back-and-forth conversation.

But that doesn’t mean that your body isn’t trying to communicate with you all the time.

Here are the 9 signs you should look out for that your body is trying to tell you to

Insomnia and irritability

If you’re suffering from insomnia and have random bursts of anger, these could mean that your body needs magnesium and potassium.

Eating foods like tomatoes spinach and oranges can help you combat these problems.

Dry skin and itchy blistery skin

Rash skin dryness may be because you are vitamin D deficient. Skin rashes on your knees elbows and butt may indicate eczema or worse more serious problems.

Try consuming more nuts, fish and vegetables starting a gluten-free diet could also help

Unintentional weight loss

Losing 10 pounds or more lately without diet or any exercise.If so then you should definitely get yourself checked in the hospital.

People that suffer from drastic weight loss often have esophageal pancreatic stomach or lung cancer.

Strong cravings for sweets

Lately have you been having a sudden and strong desire for anything sweet. If yes then it could be due to stress,depression or exhaustion.

It’s a sign that your body is asking for some glucose you should follow your body and see if it improves your condition

Bleeding gums

Some people’s gums bleed when they brush their teeth. If this sounds all too familiar to you because you’re one of them then this could be a telltale sign of vitamin C deficiency.

Add the following Foods in your meals citrus fruits, spinach, green and red bell peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.

Fragile nails and hair

Do your nails break easily lately or is your hair feeling too fragile and unhealthy. If so then it could be a sign of help from your body telling you to have more vitamin B.

Drinking more milk and eating some mushrooms and nori-seaweed can help you.

Rings in the irises

These rings typically appear in people over fifty years old, which is normal for their age group.

However if you have them and you’re still quite young then, it is a warning that you have high cholesterol levels consult your doctor if this happens to you

Bowel or bladder changes

Peeing more or less than normal could signify bladder or prostate cancer.

Diarrhea or constipation can also be a sign of colon or ovarian cancer. So make sure to look out for these kinds of changes.

Changes in handwriting

You may think this is normal. However, handwriting that gets much smaller is actually an early sign of Parkinson’s.

This disease causes muscle stiffness in hands and fingers thus affecting handwriting.

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