8 Biggest lies about weight loss.

There is a lot of weight loss advice on the internet.

Most of it is either unproven or proven not to work.

Here are the 8 biggest lies, myths, and misconceptions about weight loss.

You should stretch before working out.

Each of us have always been told to stretch before a workout to prepare our muscles and body. But, as it turns out, it’s not necessary at all.

The research conducted at the human performance laboratory at State University in Texas revealed that, people who skip stretching were able to squat with 8.36 percent more weight during their training.

This means that saving stretches for the end, is the best tactic if you want to lose weight after working out. Your muscles will be ready to relax and get the best from your favorite stretching exercises.

Fat makes you fat.

Fat has nine calories per gram. However, high fat foods on their own won’t make you gain tons of weight.

The key to adding high fat foods to your diet, is to count your fat intake as long as you watch it. You’ll be fine.

The US Department of Agriculture, states that a person should consume less than 10% of their daily calories from saturated fats. You can find them in dairy products,meat,coconut oil,dark chocolate and other foods in general.

A low carb diet is the only way to lose weight.

The main reason why low-carb diets are so popular, is their ability to give quick and impressive results due to a drop in water weight.

Even though it all seems like a dream come true at the beginning, after some time you can experience a serious lack of energy.

Remember that a low carb diet isn’t the only way to go, if you want to lose weight. There are tons of other appealing options like low fat or low protein diets that work just as fantastically.

You shouldn’t eat after 6:00 p.m.

A well-known phrase , eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, made a tons of people firmly believe that eating after 6:00 p.m. is strictly forbidden.

If you want toned body, well this popular rule isn’t exactly true according to the US Department of Agriculture Weight Control information network.

It doesn’t really matter when you eat, what’s important is the number of calories you consume.

So, instead of starving after 6 p.m., write down all the calories you eat every day. then be sure to burn them all and more during the day. this way you’ll lose weight within days.

You should eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

This is another misconception. People who eat small portions more than three times a day weigh more than those who prefer to eat less frequently.

In addition, people who have meals five or six times a day tend to over estimate their portion sizes.

Specialists suggest their own winning strategy for preventing long-term weight, gain eat less frequently avoid snacks and consume your largest meal in the morning.

The anabolic window.

If you have no idea what the anabolic window is, it’s basically the 30 minute period after a workout during which nutrition can boost your training results.

However there’s not enough scientific evidence to confirm that anabolic windows really do exist.

So don’t rely on the mythical anabolic window to solve all of your weight problems. Choose more practical methods to achieve your body goals instead.

A workout is effective only if you feel sore.

Some people are sure that a workout can be considered great, only if you can’t move at all the next day.

But, that’s not true. The feeling of soreness usually comes from working out muscles you haven’t trained before. Like when you do new exercises, there’s a variety of other factors that contribute to soreness too.

But, none of them are connected to the efficiency of your training. so relax and enjoy your workouts. If you feel just fine the next day, it doesn’t mean you won’t see outstanding results

You can eat anything during eating window while you’re fasting.

When you fast, you have to follow two crucial rules, do not starve yourself and do not over indulge in junk food during your eating period.

Your job is to consume enough calories and try to eat as cleanly as you possibly can.

During intermittent fasting this technique will help keep your insulin levels low.

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