Horrible mistakes you make when cooking chicken.

Many be like beef is difficult to cook, it has to have the right color right tenderness where as chicken its very easy, well they are wrong.

Here are some of the horrible mistakes you are making while cooking chicken.

Not picking the right meat

There are a few key ways you can tell whether chicken is any good or not. Firstly, the meat ought to be bright pink all over.If that chicken is going gray, it’s going bad.

The flesh should be firm but not stiff, and springy to the touch equally, chicken that has developed an odor should be avoided. Most importantly, there should be absolutely no blood visible on the meat.

Not using the chicken fresh.

Make sure you use chicken as soon as you buy it and start cooking. Sometimes, that’s not an option.In that case, make sure you don’t thaw it on the counter.

As soon as it begins to defrost and hits temperatures of 40 degrees and above, bacteria that might have been present in the meat can start to multiply.

If you’ve got to defrost chicken, the best way to do it is to let it slowly thaw in the refrigerator. You can also defrost it in cold water or in the microwave, as long as you get cooking from the very moment it’s defrosted.

Removing the skin

Skin has a number of uses during cooking.It acts as a kind of sponge full of tasty juices, and if you leave it on, they’ll be released to the meat during the cooking process.

It also protects that same meat from the heat, and allows the meat to cook at a slower pace and retain its moisture.

If you take the skin off before cooking, there’s a good chance that what you find on the other end is a dry, tasteless chicken.If you really don’t like the skin, just remove it after cooking instead.You’ll find a use for it.

Not marinating your chicken.

Brining or marinating your chicken before cooking can be a game-changer. Try marinating, and the good thing here is that even a quick soak in marinade for just 15 to 20 minutes will make a huge difference.

In fact, you don’t want to let it sit for too long, as it’ll get stringy and mushy. REMEMBER: never marinate chicken for more than 24 hours.

Not tenderizing the meat

Pounding and tenderizing the chicken helps spread out the thickness and allows the meat to cook more evenly and quickly.The process also makes the resulting chicken juicer and tastier.

Simply wrap up the chicken in plastic wrap grab a heavy object such as a ladle or sauce pan, and start hitting it.Once that’s done, you’re ready to season and cook.Easy!

Under seasoning you chicken.

Not serving chicken is better than doing it with less or no seasoning.There is no better seasoning to start off with than ‘salt’ .Try to use kosher or sea salt to keep sodium levels down while getting maximum flavor.

Make sure the other seasonings you’re using are suitable for chicken: good starting points include basil, rosemary, garlic, mustard, paprika, thyme, parsley, celery seed, cumin and cayenne. Try out new combinations that’s how signature dishes are created.

Drying out chicken for the ‘CRISP’

Drying out your meat after brining is a must-do. If you want to get really crispy meat you have to get rid of the moisture.

You should air dry the meat out of its packaging in the fridge if you’re making something like fried chicken. Take it out, pat it down with a paper towel, and you’re good to go.

Over crowding the pan.

If you’re pan-frying, make sure the pan is never overcrowded. This is because one of the main things which gives chicken its flavor is browning, a reaction which happens when the food comes into contact with very high temperatures.

In a crowded pan the moisture that comes off the chicken will have no room to spread and evaporate, and it’ll turn into steam or water instead.

This is all easily avoidable, and just make sure there’s plenty of room for the chicken in the pan.

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