Amazing health benefits of cold shower.

Many people prefer warm showers to cold showers. However, some studies have shown that using cold water may be beneficial to physical and mental health.

Let’s see some of the health benefits of cold shower you didn’t know about.

Healthy hair and skin

Hot shower strip your hair and your skin of there healthy natural oils which can leave you feeling dry and itchy.

Cold showers make your skin look healthier because they tighten your pores which prevents them from getting clogged .

Cold showers are also great for your hair they make your hair shinier stronger and healthier because the coldness flattens your hair follicles and improves their hairs ability to grip to the scalp

Stimulates weight loss

We have two types of fat in our body brown fats and white fat. White fat is bad we gain white fats when we eat more calories that our body needs this type of fat usually piles up in certain areas of our body.

On the other hand brown fat is good as it generates heat to keep our bodies warm. The cold temperature of a cold shower activates brown fat to keep your body warm which uses energy and stimulates weight loss.

Increases alertness

After you take a hot shower the drop in body temperature puts you in a sleepy mood. Cold showers on the other hand increase your alertness.

Get into a cold shower you’ll probably take a huge deep breath and continue with this deep breathing as your body is in shock your body is increasing its oxygen intake to help keep warm.

Our heart rates will also shoot up which perks us up and gives us an energy boost.

Speeds up muscle recovery

we hear about professional athletes taking ice baths to speed up recovery but cold showers can have a similar benefit too.

Ever had a killer workout and you go to bed feeling alright but in the next morning you cant even move your hand this is called delayed onset muscle soreness.

Having a cold shower relieves delayed onset muscle soreness so you back up and running in no time

Reduces stress and relieves depression

Jumping into a cold shower everyday isn’t easy but with consistency you build up a tolerance to the stress. The tolerance in your body becomes accustomed to dealing with stressful stimuli.

Cold showers also relieve depression if you’ve taken a cold shower you’ll know that your body has this huge rush this is because the receptors in your skin go ballistic when it comes in contact with the cold water and your brain is flooded with an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses and this has an anti-depressive effect.


Some scientific studies support the beneficial effects of cold showers on mental and physical health.

Cold showers are not a main source of treatment for any condition, but they may help improve symptom relief and general well-being.

Even brief bursts of cold water can be worth incorporating into a regular shower routine.


  1. A little comment, you sometimes forget commas, and you have run-on sentences. But this was a pretty good post!


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