Your sweet tooth satisfied: oreo edition

Oreo Lovers No-Bake Cheesecake Bars

The ultimate dessert for anyone that loves OREO cookies!  These no-bake cheesecake bars offer a thick OREO crust, creamy OREO cheesecake filling, and topped with a delicious layer of chocolate.  This easy, no-bake dessert is perfect for just about any occasion!

From: DelightfulEMade

Cookies & Cream Bark Candy Recipe

This homemade Cookies and Cream Bark recipe is very easy to make!

From: PremeditatedLeftovers

Oreo Lava Cakes

These Oreo Lava cakes start with a warm chocolate cake filled with a Oreo cookies and cream lava pudding center. This easy cake doesn’t require any mixers and is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth during this cold winter season.

From: KirbieCravings

Orange Butter “Scream” Oreo Brownies

Orange Butter’Scream’ OREO Brownies are fun, vibrant OREO brownies that are absolutely ‘screaming’ Halloween fun for Hallow’s Eve.  They are awe-somely Boo-licious!

From: TheBakingChocolatess

4-Ingredient Oreo Truffle Chocolate Bar

Did you know you are just FOUR ingredients away from (points up)?! A dreamy Oreo Truffle Chocolate Bar that is sure to cure every chocolate craving you’ve ever had. First of all, there is SO much chocolate.

From: SweetestMenu

The Best Oreo Cupcakes

I am pleased to introduce you to the very best Oreo cupcakes that are the perfect dessert for any get together or an extra treat for those that love Oreos!

From: TheMelroseFamily

Macarons Oreo

Turn your favorite store-bought classics into something more decadent with these delicate oreo macarons.

From: LivForCake

5-Ingredient Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

This recipe is a total gem. Cookies that taste like cheesecake?! I mean, yes-yes-yes all the way home! The fact that they’re a breeze to bake up and only require 5 ingredients only makes the deal sweeter I am a huge fan of 5 ingredient recipes! Sometimes minimalism is best.

From: BakerByNature

Oreo Dip

This Creamy Oreo Dip Dessert is the best of both worlds. As sinfully sweet and luscious as the most extravagant layer cake, but as much fun to eat as any party dip. And as simple to make too-just whip everything together in the mixer bowl. What could be easier?

From: FamilyFreshMeals

Oreo Cookie Butter

With cookie butter being all the rage we thought we’d tackle the subject the best way we knew how – with everyone’s favorite cookie Oreos!!! This Oreo Cookie Butter just may be the reason you won’t fit into your skinny jeans next month.

From: FoodieAndWine

Oreo Loaded Cheesecake Brownies

Oreo Loaded Cheesecake Brownies are rich and fudgy homemade brownies topped with a layer of double stuffed Oreos, cheesecake, plus more Oreo cookies on top.  In other words, these could be the best brownies you’ve ever tasted!!!

From: OMGchocolateDesserts

Oreo Churros with Oreo Filling Whipped Cream

Oreo churros are crispy, tender, perfectly chocolate-y with oreo filling whipped cream dip for dunking.

From: DinnerThenDessert

Oreo Cheesecake Bites

These Oreo cheesecake bites are cheesecake and Oreo bliss in bite-size form. Drizzled in white and dark chocolate, they are heavenly!

From: MelsKitchenCafe

Fudgy Oreo Brownies

Fudgy Oreo Brownies – Deliciously thick and fudgy brownies that are chocolatey rich, and loaded with Oreo cookies – The BEST brownies you’ll ever try!

From: MarshasBakingAddiction

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