21 mouthwatering meltaway dessert recipes

1. Flourless Milk Chocolate Meltaway Cookies

These flourless milk chocolate meltaway cookies are a pretty unique cookie, but they are such a fun change-up from your normal chocolate-chip cookie. They are ultra-sweet, very chewy, and overall delicious!

From: ChelseasMessyApron

2. Matcha Lemon Meltaway Cookies

Covered in matcha sugar, these green tea meltaway cookies are perfect when paired with tea.

From: OhHowCivilized

3. Christmas Meltaway Cookies

Meltaway cookies are a soft, lightly sweet shortbread cookie that literally melts away in your mouth. Top it with a thin glaze and red and green sprinkles for a festive Christmas cookie treat.

From: DessertNowDinnerLater

4. Raspberry Almond Meltaway Cookies

Raspberry Almond Meltaway Cookies: perfect for holiday parties, cookie exchanges and more!

From: MadeToBeAMomma

5. Raspberry Meltaway Cookies

Raspberry Meltaway Cookies just melt in your mouth! Soft dough made with cornstarch and powdered sugar compliments these raspberry cookies beautifully. Perfect topped with a simple almond glaze swirled with raspberry jam.

From: FamilyCookieRecipes

6. Pumpkin Meltaways with Maple Pumpkin Spice

Enjoy this recipe with friends and family!

From: BackForSeconds

7. Chocolate Chip Meltaways

I hope you’re ready to eat 5 dozen cookies!

From: HannaFord

8. Eggnog Meltaways

My picky 5-year-old is obsessed with eggnog. Every time we go to the store he has to buy eggnog. What is up with that? I had all of the ingredients on hand to make these and they were easy to whip up a batch. I love how these cookies meltaway in your mouth and have a subtle eggnog taste. They were delicious!

From: TheRecipeCritic

9. Patriotic Mini Meltaway Butter Cookies

Do you remember when 4th of July meant a bunch of families on the street lighting off fireworks?  I loved that. The danger, and the amazing light show. The sparklers that really sparkled. At some point, this holiday changed for us into all-day barbecues, swimming, and red, white and blue treats. I’m not complaining, but it is different. This year I had to make my Patriotic Mini Meltaway Butter Cookies to bring to the party.

From: TinselBox

10. Chocolate Marshmallow Meltaways

Kids are thrilled to find a marshmallow hidden under this cookie’s cocoa frosting. I enjoyed these cookies as a child, and now my own family loves them, too.

From: TasteOfHome

11. Chocolate Mint Meltaways

Chocolate Mint Meltaways

A sweet, no-bake dessert perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

From: Delish

12. Butter Meltaways Recipe

“Add variety to this recipe by substituting lemon flavoring for the vanilla plus a teaspoon of lemon peel.”

From: TasteOfHome

13. Cranberry Orange Meltaway Cookies

Cranberry Orange Meltaway Cookies are soft, tart and sweet! The texture is fantastic and the fresh orange zest and glaze makes these cookies irresistible!

From: CookiesAndCups

14. Peanut Butter Meltaways

These Peanut Butter Meltaways are creamy and rich with smooth Peanut Butter that just melts in your mouth! I am super amazed at how easy they really are to make. These are easier than our Homemade Reese’s Eggs that we make and have shared with you. In just a few minutes time you can whip up a batch to serve up this holiday season and they are perfect for gifting. Plus this recipe will be one you will be making all year long. So simple and so yummy!

From: CincyShopper

15. Coconut Meltaway Recipes

“When I replaced the butter with coconut oil in these cookies, they got even better.”

From: People

16. Coconut Key Lime Meltaways

Coconut Key Lime Meltaways – a light and buttery bite-sized cookie with a big tropical flavor.

From: SavingDessert

17. Fruity Lemon Meltaway Cookies

What could be more lovely than Frilly Lemon Cookies at a Tea Party? I adore Lemon Meltaway Cookies and have been making them for Tea Parties for years. I usually follow the basic directions and form the cookie dough into logs, which are sliced and baked. Today, I thought I’d try rolling the dough out and using my flower shaped cookie cutters!

From: PinkPiccadillyPastries

18. Lime Meltaway Recipe

Today’s recipe is for a citrusy butter cookie.  I chose it for its simplicity and ease, which was a priority today, but also for its fresh and perky flavor.  Just a hint of zest and juice deliver a little lime surprise to the taste buds. Be warned, these diminutive bites are addictive.  You won’t be able to eat just one. But then, why would you want to.

From: SiftingFocus

19. Peanut Butter Meltaway Cookies

These are the best peanut butter cookies I’ve ever had. Peanut Butter Meltaway Cookies are peanut butter cookies, stuffed with chocolate!

From: AsianFood

20. Chocolate Fudge Meltaways

Does it get any better than little bite size, hand held, puddles of chocolate cream cheese fudge that melt in your mouth? All that is needed to make these wondrous confections is a bowl, a mixer, and a few minutes of your time, which makes it the perfect recipe when Christmas is coming at you like a freight train. 

From: SouthernPlate

21. Peanut Butter Chocolate Meltaways

Peanut Butter Chocolate Meltaway Cookies – for the chocolate and peanut butter lover in your life! These light little bite-sized cookies are not too sweet and get a nice salty bite from the crushed roasted peanuts.

From: SavingDessert

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