15 holiday bread recipes

Christmas Wreath Bread

Tis the season for all things festive! Here is a very simple loaf that is gorgeous and will be the perfect addition to your holiday meal.  Despite its impressive appearance, we promise it is easy to make.

From: ArtisanBreadInFive

Snickerdoodle Bread

This Snickerdoodle Bread is so delicious and easy (no yeast involved)! It’s filled with cinnamon chips and topped with cinnamon and sugar!

From: LilLuna

St. Lucia Buns

The festival of St. Lucia begins the Christmas season in Swedish custom, and she comes as a young girl crowned with fresh greens and lit candles carrying a tray of baked goods. These sweet, spiral buns are traditionally served on this day.

From: SprinkleBakes

Eggnog Monkey Bread

I originally made this bread for Christmas morning, but my photos were so bad, I decided to wait until I returned home, make the bread again and take better photos. Sounded like the perfect plan until I realized that eggnog was nowhere to be found the day after Christmas. I went to at least three stores and couldn’t find any. I was told by one store that eggnog season was officially over. Crap!

From: PureWow

The Best Christmas Morning Banana Bread Recipe

A simple and easy moist banana bread recipe that will make your family think you have turned into a domestic goddess.

From: SmartPartyPlanning

Apple Pull-Apart Bread

Cinnamon apple pull-apart bread recipe – yeast bread, stuffed with cinnamon and diced apple. One of my favorite baked treats for fall.

From: CookingLSL

Homemade Banana Pumpkin Bread

Nothing says fall like this Homemade Banana Pumpkin Bread Recipe! This is an easy bread recipe to enjoy with your family for breakfast or a small group sunday school class! Make this for fall or Thanksgiving!

From: PassionForSavings

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Caramel Apple Cinnamon Roll.jpg

Try these Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls for a sweetly satisfying breakfast treat! These gorgeous rolls are topped with a mouth-watering caramel icing and filled with Granny Smith apples and caramel.

From: MomOnTimeout

Pumpkin Streusel Bread

It’s Pumpkin Season!! Don’t know if you saw it on my Facebook page the other day, but I posted an ecard that I think needs to be shared again…

From: LilLuna

Cranberry Orange Brioche Star

For a large chunk of this year, I’ve had the sweet pleasure of living under the same roof as a spritely little miss who is completely obsessed with brioche, or as she says it “baweeyoche!” Always with an exclamation mark.

From: PBS

Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake

Thinking about Christmas recipes? Then you should think about tasty pound cake with cranberries and white chocolate and a beautiful white glaze. However, you simply have to try this heavenly Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake!

From: OMGChocolateDesserts

Spiced Gingerbread Loaf

Thanksgiving week. We made it. Have you already started prepping? We had friends over this weekend for a Friendsgiving party. I made plenty of pie crusts the day before (I made this apple slab pie and 2 pumpkin pies) and a few more yesterday for Thanksgiving. I’ll make 3 more pies tomorrow (salted caramel apple pie, apple cranberry pie, another pumpkin pie!).

From: SallysBakingAddiction

The Best Cranberry Orange Bread

This cranberry orange bread recipe combines the popular flavor of cranberry bread with the tart pop of citrus. Combined you have one of the absolute best and most moist cranberry orange bread recipes ever. It’ll be one of your go-to cranberry bread recipes every year.

From: PlayPartyPin

Chocolate Peppermint Bread

This Chocolate Peppermint Bread is a must-have for this time of year – the perfect combination of two favorite flavors! It is delicious, and so pretty too!

From: ButterWithASideOfBread

Applesauce Bread

This tender and moist Applesauce Bread is made even more delicious with a crunchy cinnamon oat topping. Enjoy a slice for breakfast, brunch, or afternoon snacking!

From: CreationsByKara

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